Dah Wars : Return of the Sainsite

Mai lai article was tragic. Lemme rectify.


yesterday your boy trekked to zone 3 NW3 cricklewood and by trekked, i mean sitting 45 minutes on deh 332.

Why tf would you trek to zone 3 i hear you ask?

Read this

Wing Yip is a relatively famous chain of Chinese mega-markets usually situated beyond zone 2 (similar to Loon Fung & Hoo Hing). You’ll find anything from baked buns, stinky tofu to herbal practitioners ( offering 30 minutes for £7 – I was kinda tempted but your boy was on a budget.) Whilst known to many Asians living in the UK, these supermarkets are still “unheard of” ( shout out to Action Bronson.) I’m not here tuh discredit Wing Yip but here’s my list of discredits:

一 (the number one in Mandarin, a hyphen)

Well for one, they didn’t serve warm food inside the store – I was expecting golden-brown buns with an interior so soft and silky that would have made me think that I was in bed. 😉   Tragically, they were nowhere to be seen (and yes I did look hard – it was also made harder by my chinky eyes.)

二 (two in Mandarin, everyone equal cos Communism amirite?)

There were no tasters. 

三 (cos every Asian is identical)

Maybe after reading the Munchies article I came in with high expectations thinking that the employees would be happy to answer some of my questions on how they make and prepare some of the food ( by that I mean cold pieces of mantou.)   I was met by what I think is the Mandarin equivalent of fuck off or go away.  I tried to open my eyes as wide as possible, hinting “srsly chink?!”



They must have had a tough day and I fully understood that 100% , 10/10, totes amazeballs, no questions asked. 😛

Oh well, least yer boy tried to get his first interview.

And I didn’t leave empty-handed. I bought about 10 packets of instant noodles of different flavours, red and black bean buns, gyozas, sriracha sauce (for 25p), soybean drink powder, mixed mushrooms, pak choi, oh and the most O.G drink of all time 4 bottles of Aloe Vera ( 500ml – 2 for 1  motherfucking pound.)


I was thinking of something along the lines of this.

By : the masterclass O.Gengstah.

My furs is definitely Mon-Goal(s)-Lion

the choo choone train








Take this opportunity to listen to some Chet Faker or eat a good snack (I would select a fat juicy burger) and report back to me when you’re done.

In the zone to read my pilot?


My name is Sainbayar I’m more than 4 years old. I dwell in the hidden city of London where I’m going to travel to all corners (but not above zone 4 because I’m not a pilgrim)  to critique and hopefully enjoy the food London has to offer; whether it be “Beigel Battles in the East End” or  “Vegan Vendettas in Shoreditch” . However, I don’t want to get fat too early in my life ( as I’m only above 4 years old) and will also be critiquing the fine world of film. I know what you’re thinking – this kid only above 4 years old, he probably be watching some Kung Fu Panda ( which by the way I have.) BAHT NAW, I’m actually into some deep independent shit – though I’m not always up to date with the news because it’s so poorly advertised – I will still do my best to view the latest and best films out (occasionally selected by you O.Gs) And as for my qualifications for judging food -> I like rice, bacon , eggs, mushrooms, all deserts (except dark chocolate – most bitter shit in the world), kimchi, fried chicken, more fried chicken and of course the O.G BAOSSSSS (shout out to my boi Eddie Huang)



P.S  : My fur is Mongolian.